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2021 Variety 

2021 Variety N
The special exhibition of cultural relics of national treasures is about to be completed. At the same time, a "special exhibition of literature and art" is in full swing. "National treasures" in the Forbidden City called on national artists to customize literary and artistic works for all national treasures since the three seasons, and entered the special exhibition as "literary and artistic exhibits".

2012 Variety 
Song China is a self-organized large-scale music and culture program since its launch in 2012. It is a column that can go out of the studio for large-scale outdoor performances. It is known as the contemporary "same song EEE".
Updated to 2021-08-29
2021 Variety E
This is a public welfare program that pays tribute to the example of music. The recording adopts an unmanned shooting system to create a 1v1 immersive stage. In each issue, a positive energy artist guest is invited to pay tribute and sing to an era model on behalf of himself and the public, and sincerely sing songs and praise heroes!
Updated to 2021-10-17
2021 Variety G
Invite a pair (or more) of conflicting parties to enter the studio, and the host and people's mediator will solve the problems for the parties on site, tell the audience the wisdom of facing disputes and the art of solving contradictions through the program, perfectly blend the real events and variety means, and shape a new program mode. The program will vigorously reflect humanistic care and psychological counseling, and advocate a civilized, positive, healthy and upward social fashion.
Updated to 2021-10-01
2016 Variety H
Yangshengtang, the first brand of TV health in China, is also the benchmark column of health preservation of SARFT and the ace column of Beijing TV AAA. The program always adheres to the purpose of "love for relatives". Since its launch 11 years ago, with the characteristics of authoritative, scientific, service and popularization, the program has influenced and led the health concept and lifestyle of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, and has become the largest universal health class in China.
Updated to 2021-08-30
2011 Variety 
"All the best" is a new large-scale variety dream show activity created by Hebei satellite TV in August 2011. The program takes "dream of you, all the best" as the slogan to help many ordinary people realize their big or small dreams and hearts CCC. The second season continues the dream journey of the first season, builds an interactive platform, and provides opportunities for all ordinary people who have presided over their dreams to get close to their dreams. What's more, Dagang, the favorite variety artist of the people of Hebei, has returned with passion and joined hands with Xiaoyi and Wenting, the new generation of idols, to be a professional navigator on your dream road. The bigger highlight is that the top 10 media dream groups, such as the most influential light media, natural selection media, Shixi media and Yinhan communication, have joined in. Through strict assessment, spicy comments and wise dialogue, the "dream" trip in the new season has more professionalism, speculative ability and entertainment effect.
Updated to 2012-09-06
2016 Variety 
Tell a good Chinese story and make a Chinese voice EEE. On the evening of the 5th, a new large-scale speech program "China is talking" landed on Southeast satellite TV. The first guest was Zhang Weiwei, President of China Research Institute of Fudan University. It is reported that the program will also invite outstanding representatives from all sectors of society to tell their stories and share their thoughts, views and insights.
Updated to 2016-12-09
2021 Variety 
All entertainment information to get CCC in one hand! There are mango exclusive and entertainment fresh materials here. The daily fragmented news of mango fishing for stars is delivered immediately, specially planned from time to time and live broadcast of major events; Integrate all forms of entertainment information and establish mango entertainment information position!
Phase 2021-08-30
2021 Variety 
Updated to 2021-10-26
2021 Variety M
The first file of the whole network is full of entertainment micro comprehensive BBB that can only be publicized by solving exotic problems.
Phase 2021-08-25
2021 Variety 2
"818 global car night" will go straight to AAA on the night of August 18. The party gathered global crazy engine people to show the love "engine" story with their "car". At the same time, the party will vividly show the audience the top and cutting-edge technological achievements of the automobile industry, especially China's automobile industry, convey the audience's self-confidence and pride in building a scientific and technological power, and offer the audience an interesting and meaningful "grand meeting of China's automobile industry" with a sense of cutting-edge science and technology, leading the times and hot topics.
Phase 2021-08-18
2019 Variety 
Tiktok tiktok, a star singer in 2019, "tiktok" is a great singer who shares the beautiful creators with the voice of the leading stage and shows the vibrant style at the scene to create a popular evening party. To see each of you as the theme of the party, everyone who wishes to record tiktok and good life can be seen, found, recorded and affirmed.
October 19, 2019
2016 Variety m
Memory is a studio situational narration Festival EEE. It is divided into two versions: the "daily version" from Monday to Thursday and the "weekend version" on Friday. The daily edition from Monday to Thursday focuses on the host's situational narration, supplemented by interviews with relevant people. The weekend edition broadcast every Friday will invite a star guest to tell his special memory of a previous year and bring the audience back to that year. After that, the program will tell about the major events we experienced together in that year.
Updated to 2021-08-30
2021 Variety 
"Singing Caravan" is a singing caravan driven by a happy lead singer with a sense of identity of Hunan Satellite TV. It goes to the whole country in the form of a mobile small stage, goes deep into the streets and lanes, explores the people in the market, randomly invites local residents or passers-by to sing immediately, creates a street KTV and collects happy sounds.
Updated to 2021-10-09
2021 Variety 

2016 Variety T
The third mediation room, saying, reasoning and kissing AAA. The third mediation room is the first legally effective TV program in China to resolve contradictions and disputes. People's mediators, lawyers and psychological experts will answer questions and clear their minds for the parties at the scene of the program, so as to promote the parties to reach mediation. The program signed a people's mediation agreement on the spot and affixed the people's mediation official seal. The agreement has legal effect and takes effect on the spot
Updated to 2021-08-30
2021 Variety L
"Lang Lang youth" is a program that pays attention to children. By combining the growth story of children, emotional experience and handed down masterpieces, it selects exquisite articles, reads out the internal value of the articles with the sincere emotion of children, reflects the reality of literature, sets off the emotion of children, shows the healthy and positive growth state of contemporary children, and implements the cultural inheritance.
Updated to 2021-10-17
2015 Variety 
Diet regimen is a new food health bar EEE launched by Hubei satellite TV. The program is divided into two sections: "health care" and "dinner". In each issue of "health care", a top health care expert in China is invited to tell people the most practical health care knowledge or a health care topic related to solar terms around a health care topic.
Updated to 2021-05-16
2015 Variety 
Anhui Satellite TV's daily news is a TV news magazine in the all media era. It is positioned as: Micro times, Rui news and Lesheng EEE_ Broadcast time: 18:00-18:30 of Anhui Satellite TV_ Among them, "Dolphin baby" is a dual screen interactive section of the program and a TV show of Mengbao. Through the dolphin baby WeChat official account, you can upload baby photos, record baby growth, consult health problems, etc.
Updated to 2021-05-14
2011 Variety D
Gu Yang  Chen Jing  Chen Yang  Wei Zhi 
The daily entertainment broadcast emphasizes exclusive content, unique perspective and unique views. While faithfully recording the scene of cultural and entertainment events, it strives to analyze from a deeper level, interpret the entertainment truth and make different voices, forming a strong voice and influence AAA in the cultural and entertainment industry.
Updated to December 31, 2016
2021 Variety T
"The most beautiful Chinese opera" is an immersive drama culture experience program combining outdoor garden reality show and drama live performance show. The president and the small class gathered the leading figures in the opera industry and various "famous actors" in today's literary and artistic circles to present their unique skills and think together, contribute to the traditional "innovation" and make the opera "break the circle" move forward.
Updated to 2021-10-19
2019 Variety 
Social fax took the lead in opening the one hour direct CCC of prefectural and municipal stations across the country. Adhere to the positioning of "greater people's livelihood", adhere to the perspective of the audience, integrate and sort out information topics, and witness the process of urban development with public trust surveys and moving stories. "Social fax" is the ace news column of the social and economic channel. With its unique affinity and creativity, the program is unique in Suzhou TV news columns, and has built a communication bridge between the people and the government.
Updated to December 31, 2019
2013 Variety T
This year's Shandong TV drama is the first in China to get through the whole year, "BBB". The most excellent plot notice, the most intimate behind the scenes, the latest drama, the most popular star, is in Shandong satellite TV's "most dazzling national drama wind".
Updated to 2021-08-30
2017 Variety L
"Laughing Theatre" is the only daily "language" column in the art program center of Beijing TV EEE. In the first period of "strong launch", the original "humorous storytelling" creates the Beijing style, "stick to the stability" in the second period, adhere to the professional road of "affinity", and "show ingenuity" in the young period, open up a platform of "promoting new people to show new works", and go deep into the grass-roots frontier to explore new people's new works.
Updated to 2021-08-30
2021 Variety L
LEGO master is a program that brings together top LEGO players to compete with each other in the intense competition. It is not only a game of building Lego blocks, but also a game of expressing the creativity, design and architectural talents of participants of different ages. Its charm lies in building amazing LEGO model works one after another with small Lego blocks, creating a warm and poetic fantasy world. This makes countless netizens call "immortal fight" and is called "real epic duel" by the audience. The contestants are divided into eight groups. The final winner will win the honor of "Chinese LEGO master".
Updated to 2021-10-22
2021 Variety G
China's first documentary tour of planting grass in local culture, real person DDD. Qin Fen and Jing Peiyao, two travel dreamers, go deep into a secret place in Guizhou each period, open the in-depth travel of the city, unlock the "new" online Red punch in place, and produce an extremely explosive travel film. Break the rules and get to know chaoku Guizhou again.
Updated to 2021-08-14
0 Variety 
Qunying club is a purely original language program. Starting from Chinese traditional culture, the program carries forward Chinese traditional culture by taking artistic forms such as performance, interview, exhibition and interaction with the audience as the carrier. It integrates public welfare, education and knowledge, so that the audience can feel the breadth and depth of Chinese traditional culture while entertaining and laughing. Qiu Yingjun, the new crosstalk star of the program, will revisit the past from the perspective of the post-80s, dig in depth and find meaningful topics, and reinterpret the unknown side of history and culture. At the same time, each program invites well-known and influential experts from all walks of life to perform with the host and the audience to experience the shock and happiness brought by history and culture.
Updated to 2021-05-12