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2017 Documentary R
Green is the first wild wolf successfully released by an individual in the world. The film "return to the wolves" tells the legend of it from grassland to city and then back to grassland: the beautiful painter Li Weiyi accidentally adopted the wolf king's orphan in a grassland wind gathering, named green and brought it back to Chengdu for feeding. However, the bustling city can not accommodate a wild prairie wolf. Li Weiyi took green back to the grassland and followed the trail of the wolves all the way. After the severe cold and cool snow, he finally watched him successfully return to the wolves. Returning to the wolves not only contains the legendary story of human wolves, but also contains the emotion across races and the magical power of life. It makes everyone pay more attention to life and ecological problems and make a voice for the wolves and the grassland.
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2021 Documentary 

2017 Documentary 
The hard to ignore truth ten years ago made the climate crisis the focus of the world's attention. Today, ten years later, we will have an in-depth review and understanding of the energy revolution that is close at hand. Former US Vice President Al Gore continues to fight for environmental protection and runs around the world to train a number of climate ambassadors to influence international climate policy. The camera followed Al Gore all the way to record his efforts for climate change, the efforts of his predecessors, and his interesting and serious attitude. Because he is convinced that although we are at a critical juncture, as long as mankind embraces creativity and enthusiasm, we can overcome the crisis of climate change.
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2016 Documentary N
Vianet de jangate has lived in Europe for half his life, but his heart is still in his native Congo. As a successful wildlife photographer, de jangate is returning to his roots. During his trip, de jangate explored a vibrant "African Eden", a Congo composed of chimpanzees, gorillas, weavers, colobus monkeys, swamp antelopes, forest elephants and buffalo.

2016 Documentary H
Now, scientists have begun to look up at the sky and wonder what the weather may be like on other planets. Today, we are witnessing the birth of extraterrestrial meteorology, because technology enables astronomers to study other planets as before_ They started with our solar system and sent spacecraft to explore its farthest place. Now the latest telescopes enable astronomers to study planets outside the solar system_ Our exploration of the universe reveals that the alien world is stranger than anyone thought. We have found huge storm systems that can surround the whole planet, supersonic winds, extreme temperatures and strange rainfall.

2016 Documentary U
Uncover secrets: The Legend of the European Cup is a documentary program broadcast by China Education Television. The keynote speaker Duan Chun tells the story of Platini, the next-generation champion of the European Cup, and the miracle creating Danish team.
2 sets
2016 Documentary J
Joanna will embark on a 3000 mile journey through Japan by ship, truck, plane and foot to explore the most unknown corners of Japan's 6800 mysterious islands_ From the simple mountains to the super metropolis with high-rise buildings, Joanna will embark on an epic journey in this beautiful, mysterious and yearning country. Along the way, she will also communicate with the residents of various islands.
3 sets
2016 Documentary L
According to distance finding statistics, the bacteriological laboratory of Japanese 731 army took a large number of Chinese people as living experiments, and a total of more than 200 million Chinese people were damaged by the war_ Looking for the real history of 731, the evil can not be covered up after all. On the occasion of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the people of the world against fascism and the 55th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people in the war of resistance against Japan, we use the history of blood to commemorate those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the motherland and the people.
7 episodes
2016 Documentary E
What kind of "genius" teenager can become an agent of the CIA by cheating dozens of well-known banks around the world with fake checks? How can the "Ponzi scheme", which has been perfectly maintained for more than 20 years, be seen through? What kind of scam did "Princess Cabra" create, from a maid to an oriental Princess recognized by the British royal family? This kind of hidden secrets will be revealed one by one in the documentary.
5 episodes
2016 Documentary C
The history of Chinese clothing has a long history. From primitive society, Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, spring and autumn and Warring States periods, Qin and Han Dynasties, Wei, Jin, northern and Southern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties, song, Liao, Xia, Jin, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties to modern times, it has attracted the attention of the world with distinctive characteristics_ Mainly Han clothes, in addition to Hu clothes, flag clothes, etc. With the continuous development of society and the progress of textile industry, the clothing of each dynasty is also changing.
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2016 Documentary S
Kutaikrik is a small village. A year ago, with the help of Li Feng of the armed police force, a youth flag guard team was established in the village. He trained them into a local famous youth flag guard team and promised to take them to Tiananmen Square to see the flag raising ceremony. Not long ago, Li Feng came here again to fulfill his promise, and they will escort a five-star red flag once raised in Tiananmen Square back to the village and let the flag fly in kutaikrik.

2016 Documentary F
With the development of economy, Chinese folk customs in the world are gradually heating up. From the popularity of Tang costumes to folk tourism all over the country, from politicians in western countries spending the Spring Festival with Chinese to tens of millions of foreigners learning Chinese, all show the great international demand for Chinese folk customs. The holding of the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo in China has pushed the demand for Chinese folk traditional culture dominated by folk customs and the Chinese fever abroad to a climax.
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2016 Documentary A
Ancient Chinese tombs and tombs are two things that are both related and different_ Human beings place the dead body or the remains of the dead body in a specific place in a certain way, which is called "burial". The fixed facilities used to place corpses or their remnants are called "tombs". In Chinese archaeology, the two are often called "tombs". After nearly a thousand years, the forms of ancient Chinese tombs have developed greatly.
2 sets
2016 Documentary T
How do fresh or processed, white or red meat meet the standards? The World Health Organization recently claimed that eating some meat can cause cancer_ Chris barvin is a vegetable and fruit trader and a natural carnivore. He and 40 volunteers conducted a pioneering study to know exactly how much meat is good for us. Therefore, they found a health risk method for processing meat.

2016 Documentary U
In order to achieve the goal of liberating Tibet, the Central Committee decided to promote peace by fighting and carry out the Changdu campaign. Uncover secrets: Battle of Changdu on Tibet liberation road tells the reasons_ What is the reason for speeding up the pace of liberating Tibet? What kind of reason pushed Qamdo to the key point of the war? How did the people's Liberation Army overcome the difficulties in the face of food shortage?

2016 Documentary N
The book of changes is a Chinese treasure handed down in ancient times. It is an eternal mystery that affects the past dynasties. The documentary will give you an all-round interpretation of the book of changes, restore the true face of the book of changes and uncover its mystery.
5 episodes
2016 Documentary D
Season 7 is a first person interview with medical professionals, telling their personal stories about rare diseases. A parasite or virus attack is like a violent roller coaster in the body, which can lead to terrible and sometimes fatal changes.
7 episodes
2016 Documentary L
The traveler Ian Wright was invited to India and became the guest of Bollywood legend Arshad. Ian Wright came to the studio to meet arsad and personally feel the prosperity of Indian film industry. Amid the noise and chaos, arsad showed Ian Wright how Bollywood makes dreams come true.
4 sets
2016 Documentary W
In the far west of the United States, there is a legendary place. It is the haunt of cowboys and the birthplace of the great American civilization_ The vast western land has the most gorgeous and diverse landscape in the United States. Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Monument Valley and other magnificent desert scenes settled here, and the giant sequoia forest and long coastline carved for thousands of years also rose from here.
3 sets
2016 Documentary U
Uncover secrets: the collapse of the puppet North China country opens the window of history according to detailed historical data, and tells the historical secrets such as the most critical moment of the situation in North China and the secret behind Japan's initiative to seek peace from discovery, exploration to cracking.
2 sets
2019 Documentary C
As the world's largest beverage company, Coca Cola sells more than 500 kinds of aerated and non aerated drinks in more than 200 countries around the world_ The documentary reveals all the process of inventing how to contain cocaine and become the best-selling soft drink in 1886. The reporter was also allowed to enter the company's giant bottling plant in Wakefield for the first time.

2019 Documentary M
The documentary focuses on several key games of Barcelona in 2018 / 19 season_ In addition to recording the wonderful moments on the field, the documentary also focuses on the daily life of the players and the preparation before and after the game, and makes in-depth tracking, so that the audience can see the private life of the stars after they leave the field, the gatherings between teammates, the warm time between relatives, as well as the fading aura on the field, and the efforts and great pressure they bear behind the glory.
8 sets
2019 Documentary H
The program "Hello 110, police time" captures real events by tracking and documenting, and tells a series of touching stories and stories of Fujian police fighting crime and serving the masses.
20 episodes
2019 Documentary W
Wedding is the most important thing in life. The public's impression of a rich wedding is the sky high wedding dress of Princess Kate worth $400000, the 5.88 million bride price given by Huang Xiaoming to baby, or the 8 million custom jewelry worn by CoCo Lee_ Let's follow lelian chew, a wedding planner for many East Asian super rich, to uncover the unknown surprise secrets at the super rich's wedding!

2019 Documentary J
The world is undergoing great changes that have not been seen in a century. Small changes will trigger a butterfly effect related to you and me. Zheng Yuan, current affairs reporter of Shenzhen satellite TV, has an in-depth dialogue with top strategic guests at home and abroad, looking for small opportunities and big enlightenment behind small details.
20 episodes
2019 Documentary L
Craftsmen are people who work on handicrafts or other skills. This is a walking documentary, which tells the story of three documentary laymen looking for the story of 199 craftsmen. There is no gorgeous picture and no wonderful suspense. It only shows sincerity and quietly tells you a series of warm stories belonging to China.

2019 Documentary O
In the deep blue sea, a deadly predator is attacking. It is 4 meters long and bares its teeth and claws. It is a rare giant octopus. An undersea massacre is about to begin.

2019 Documentary R
For centuries, the royal family has been displaying a flawless and magnificent image. But in this happy moment, the Royal servants will reveal what happened behind the closed door_ In this nearly one hour documentary, we will walk behind this bright family and meet the people who have seen the unknown side of the British royal family: Royal servants! Whether it's preparing food, pouring drinks, or packing underwear, the servant is responsible for every task.