2018 Station B Series 
The play tells the love story of a stupid female high school student taliw who always makes things worse and the first gifted and beautiful teenager ten in the School Park under the same roof.
Full 20 episodes
2019 Station B Movie 
The film depicts the interesting lives of several people who are nearly half a hundred years old and their families and lovers around them. The growth of age has brought some problems to each of them. Diego was replaced because the radio station wanted to introduce young blood. He resigned because of dissatisfaction with the radio station's arrangement, but then encountered more difficulties. Single Angela has been unable to find a suitable partner. She listens to her best friend's advice and dates a young man, but unexpectedly makes an appointment with her best friend's son.
high definition
2020 Station B Movie F
In the hot summer, the fireworks conference in maoxia town is about to be held. Yoshikawa naisha (voiced by Hirose Ling), who is studying in the local high school, is not immersed in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. She is about to move to another city with her mother (voiced by Matsumoto), and her heart is full of loss. In an impromptu swimming competition, naisha beat his classmates Shimada Diandao (voiced by Jiantian Jianghui) and antanyuke (voiced by Miyano shinshou). Then she confessed that she liked Youjie and hoped to play with each other at the fireworks conference. However, Youjie and Diandao were later involved in the debate with friends about "whether fireworks are round or flat"
high definition
2018 Station B Movie 
College student Guo Jing (Bai Baihe) has been in love for several years. Her boyfriend (Guo Jingfei) not only never admitted the relationship, but also broke up when she graduated because she was too ugly. Guo Jing, who was badly hit, didn't even have time to cry, so she immediately joined the army of looking for a job. Because of her mediocre appearance, Guo Jing repeatedly ran into a wall in the process of looking for a job, but she was accidentally favored by senior executive Raymond (Zheng Zhongji) in an interview and got a job_ Raymond is an elite figure in the company. He is regarded as a male God by the beauties of the company, and there are many beauties around him. But he has always looked at the ordinary Guo Jing differently. Guo Jing decided to go all out for Raymond and save money for cosmetic surgery. Kung Fu pays off. After throwing a lot of money, Guo Jing finally became a beautiful woman admired by everyone, and no one in the company found her cosmetic secret. Guo Jing gets her wish and gets together with Raymond, but unexpectedly learns that Raymond hates artificial beauties most. There was an unexpected situation. Guo Jing's secret of cosmetic surgery was immediately exposed in the company. Her relationship with Raymond will undergo the greatest test
high definition
2020 Station B Movie N
In a small mountain town, a pair of underprivileged robbers, a despicable naughty security guard, a crippled tongue girl with physical disability but strong character, and a series of small people living in different tracks of society were twisted together by the wrong way on a seemingly ordinary day because of a lost old gun and an Oolong robbery in the city that day, What happened was a ridiculous comedy
high definition
2020 Station B Movie ,

2011 Station B Series 
The story happened in 1941. The war of resistance against Japan started four years ago. At this time, it is the most intense moment. The enemy and we fight to the death. The battlefield situation is changing rapidly. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. The Flying Tigers led by Colonel Chennault inserted a sharp knife into the chest of the Japanese aggressors and dealt a painful blow to the aggressors. In an air battle, John, the ace pilot of the flying tigers, was accidentally shot in his plane. After parachuting, he fell into Fenglingdu. At the critical moment when he was chased by the Japanese aggressors, Mu Liangfeng (Yang Shuo), a hunter, came to help. Mu Liangfeng has amazing superb shooting skills, and in his bones, he is an iron man who is determined and willing to shed blood for the country. Taking this opportunity, the ordinary Mu Liangfeng was involved in the wave of the war of resistance against Japan, and met the beautiful and enchanting woman Liu Yan (Zhou Yang), the simple and lovely army doctor Zhao Xiaotian (Zhu Lin), and others. The sharpshooter Mu Liangfeng has grown step by step into a legendary hero who can bear the great cause of the nation_ This film is adapted from Li Xiaomin's original work of the same name.
Full 28 episodes
2020 Station B Movie H

2020 Station B Movie O

2021 Fanju F
The protagonist chaocanglu one day starts with the Jiede sublimator and Aote capsule, and gets the power to transform into Jiede Altman. At the same time, I also know that I inherited the genetic gene of the evil dark giant belia Altman. As an ordinary young man who grew up on earth, he knew that he was actually Beria's son. The fate of Jed Altman, that is, chaocanglu, has changed greatly.
All 25 words
2020 Station B Series 
The play tells that in 1935, Wu Dazhong, a photography science student at Beiping art college, fell in love with Gao Haiwei who joined the underground party at first sight, joined the army for love and joined the war of resistance against Japan, recording the victory of the war of resistance against Japan step by step with a camera.
Full 44 episodes
2018 China Creation M
One day, college student Chang Tian was threatened by his life because of his conflict with a gangster. At a critical juncture, he suddenly summoned an unknown artifact. The artifact protected Chang Tian. Later, Chang Tian named the artifact "Xiaobai".
Full 16 episodes
2021 China Creation D
When mankind is about to be extinct, the six temples rise and lead mankind to hold the last leader EEE. A teenager joined the knight temple to save his mother. Miracles and tricks were constantly performed on him. In this world where the six human temples and the 72 column demon gods of the demon family collide with each other, can he ascend the God seal throne, which symbolizes the highest glory of the knight.
Update to 15th sentence
2020 China Creation 
Han Li, an ordinary teenager, was born in poverty. In order to make his family live a better life, he volunteered to go to Qixuan gate to participate in the entry examination. Finally, he was accepted by doctor mo. Doctor Mo carefully trained and taught Han Li medical skills at the beginning, which made Han Li very grateful to him. However, with the disappearance of his disciple Zhang tie, Han Li found doctor Mo's true face. Doctor Mo tries to take away Han Li, but he is finally killed by Han Li. Through doctor Mo's suicide note, Han Li learned of a new world: the existence of the immortal world. After helping qixuanmen resist foreign enemies, Han Li left qixuanmen and went to doctor Mo's home to find Wenyang Baoyu detoxification, and helped the Mo family defeat the enemy. After learning the address of the Tainan small meeting from doctor Mo's daughter, Mo caihuan, Han Li decided to go to the Tainan small meeting in order to pursue the footprints of immortals. After saying goodbye to his family, Han Li came to the Tainan Valley, met a group of immortals and officially started his journey of immortality.
All 21 words
2021 China Creation 
"Raccoon town in mobile phone" is adapted from the network series comics of the same name created by the cartoonist raccoon Wuer. It tells the story of a group of lovely little animals living in human mobile phones, working hard to make the functions of mobile phones work normally, so that people can maintain communication with others, maintain contact with the world and get a sense of happiness CCC. The raccoon town in the mobile phone is like a miniature human society. There are various institutions and systems such as police stations, hospitals, entertainment places, restaurants, Diao air transportation, Baba passenger transportation, and of course, there are also cultures and festivals that came into being.
All 26 words
2021 Fanju 

2020 Station B Movie L

2021 Fanju S
"Shamanking"_ That's the AAA of the planet in charge of everything_ People who can communicate with gods or spiritual bodies and are called "psychics"_ Compete for this throne in the 500 year "psychic war"__ One of these psychics is young makangye_ A battle aimed at the psychic king_ In April 2021, it will be launched in the form of completely new animation.
Update to 20th sentence
2021 China Creation F
In an overhead world, there is a small group of "special abilities" that exist secretly. They will not expose themselves in front of ordinary people, and manage various unnatural events caused by special abilities through an autonomous organization - difference control center to maintain social order. However, with the passage of time, there has also been a position differentiation among those with special abilities. Some people want to protect peace and maintain balance, while others want to use special power to grab private interests. Contradictions are imminent.
Update to session 2
2021 China Creation D
In the late Han Dynasty, the aura of heaven and earth disappeared for no reason, and the exorcism department, which was very popular for a time, fell apart, which is known in history "Ten thousand dharmas died AAA. In the fourth year of the Jin Dynasty, the only great Exorcist in the world, Chen Xing, came to Xiangyang to find his appointed Dharma protector. Relying on the magic weapon heart lamp hosted in his soul, Chen Xing tried to find a way to restore the spirit of heaven and earth to fight against the recovering demons. He also forged a deep friendship with Xiang Shu, the Dharma protector. The animation will integrate the ancient style , gods and demons, fantasy, battle and other elements present a magnificent and ups and downs heroic legend to the audience.
Update to 6th sentence
2021 China Creation T
The unpromising Yin Yang master Qingming returns from the counter attack! He has become the president of Yinyang Liao, who manages all kinds of daily affairs. His subordinates command countless Yin and Yang masters to dominate Kyoto. Er... No, these are all your illusions. Qingming is still the unpromising Qingming. Even if a small yin-yang hut is created, the partners are all out of the situation, and Qingming will continue his small days of fishing and comparison with these new partners. Just this time, maybe it's a little different
Update to session 1
2011 Station B Series 
The first battle in the county made the martial arts team led by Li Xiangyang famous, and the Japanese devils suddenly became headless. Watanabe, who was good at flattering, was promoted by Japanese commander Okamura to senior assistant of the United team. Watanabe was rather timid about Li Xiangyang's appearance and disappearance. He shrank in the county with the idea of not seeking merit but no fault. For a while, the martial arts team and the Japanese were also at peace. Watanabe was busy trying to please Sadako, the spy expert sent by Okamura all day. He had a good time until the arrival of Yoko Matsui, who was determined to avenge his brother, finally broke the short calm.
Full 26 episodes
2018 Station B Movie 
On the way to the south, the "best flier" Dapeng was rebellious and disruptive. When flirting with his girlfriend, he accidentally scattered a group of ducklings on their way. Dapeng, who refused to obey the discipline, decided to fly alone. He had to form a "temporary father and son file" with two lonely ducklings, Taotao and Huo, and embarked on an Oolong family search journey all the way. They rowed the magnificent terraces, climbed the cold mountains, and met the hens and henpecked roosters who kindly took them in, the pigs who took the Spring Festival truck, and the squirrels with half bottle Chinese medicine skills. Always resist the evil cats who want to eat them on the way
high definition
2020 Station B Series 
Xia Zhonglin (Liu Dekai) and Gu Liwei (Weng Jiaming) fell in love with the beautiful girl An Hui (Wu Qianqian). Finally, an Hui chose Xia Zhonglin. In the past 20 years, Xia Zhonglin became the chairman of the group, and Gu Liwei was just a small subordinate under him. Once, in order to be with an Hui, Xia Zhonglin abandoned her lover Hao Lihua (Yu Xiaofan), but she was pregnant with Xia Zhonglin's child at that time_ In order to find a father for her children, Hao Lihua married Bai Ziqiang (Sun Xing), who had been pursuing her, and gave birth to her daughter Hao Jia (He Lin). However, Hao Lihua had no feelings for Bai Ziqiang from beginning to end. She exposed her husband's illegal means in business and put Bai Ziqiang into prison. In that wing, the relationship between an Hui and Xia Zhonglin was not smooth. In the midst of loss and loneliness, an Hui and Gu Liwei began to have an incest relationship.
Full 30 episodes
2021 Fanju A
"You're not a real partner --"_ The hero Reid, who could no longer fight on the front line, was expelled from the brave team after being judged by the sages in the team that he was no longer fighting_ "Alas - those days were really hard." because red left the team, the sage and his party fell into chaos, but the party knew nothing about it and opened a drugstore at the border to spend every day happily_ "Can I also work in this shop? I need to wrap it up!" the princess who used to be a partner suddenly arrived__ "Leisurely and happy operation of Drugstore", "super sweet life with reckless Princess", and the wonderful second life performed by unrequited heroes is about to open!
Update to session 1
2021 Fanju P
"When the bell rings in the garden house, there is no DDD in the world. Sharon said that prosperity will decline, which is the vicissitudes of life."_ The end of peace. Seeing that the Ping family will do their best in power, force, financial resources and so on_ The man who has the eye to see the dead, Ping Chongsheng, met the girl Pipa who has the eye to see the future. The girl prophesied, "you will perish soon."_ From aristocratic society to martial Society -- the 15 years of historical change and turbulence in Japan began.
Update to session 1
2019 Station B Movie 
The art teacher owed a huge debt, and his creditor was a ruthless gang boss. The oppression and debt extortion of gangs make teachers desperate and have nowhere to hide. As a last resort, the teacher is going to kidnap the daughter of a baseball player to coerce each other's parents, hoping to pay off the debt
high definition
2021 China Creation C
On a floating light island that may be inhabited by gods, there are humans and a group of cats AAA_ Cat eggs will incarnate cat spirits because of various strong obsessions. Cat spirits integrate into human life and cultivate their own grain fields; Operate chain grocery stores; Enter the entertainment circle to be a popular idol; Become the Witch of the shrine or choose to occupy the mountain as the king... So there are many funny and warm daily stories of boys, girls and cat spirits.
Update to 7th sentence
2011 Station B Movie W
Thieves and profiteers plot against seven Xia Town. All the guys try their best to live together. Guo Furong's temper flared again. He beat the guests angrily, which made Tong Xiangyu pay for the gifts and lamented that it was difficult to do business. The beaten guest was Pei Zhicheng, the capital official of liupin household department. He came to Qixia town for an ulterior purpose - the Hexi reconstruction plan of Qixia town: wantonly buy Hexi land. Ji was unable to attack some householders who refused to sell. Pei Zhicheng publicly announced the development of the West River, which triggered a soaring house price. Bai zhantang and LV Xiucai suddenly felt the pressure of men. Matchless and Xiao Liu investigated the murder in the town, but Pei Zhicheng took the initiative and nearly lost their lives. Pan Gonggong, the big boss behind the land speculation, made Ji unable to clear Pei Zhicheng, forcing the latter to cooperate with Tongfu people and expose the inside story of land speculation
Full 81 episodes
1999 Fanju F
Yingji Shizuka, a former mob, decided to attend an interview with a substitute teacher in a school because he wanted to get close to a high school girl. Neiyamada, the training director, thought he was not suitable to be a teacher, so he did not intend to appoint EEE. It happened that the two students wanted to settle accounts with neiyamada. Neiyamada told guizuka to subdue the two scum and let him be a teacher, but guizuka was dissatisfied with neiyamada's attitude towards students, so he told the chairman what he thought. The president also felt that the school had many problems to be solved by people like him, so his dream of becoming a teacher came true_ Ghost mound, who became a teacher, was ostracized by other teachers and students and was often almost expelled, but he saved himself every time. Ghost tomb used his unique teaching method, either violent or deliberately laissez faire. In short, starting from "caring for students and focusing on students in everything", he taught students according to their aptitude. Finally, he accepted a group of problem students and made those teachers who tried to drive him away speechless
All 43 words
2021 Fanju 

2021 Station B Series 

2020 Station B Movie A

2019 Station B Series 
Meng Daping's father, Lao Meng, fell in love with lotus at dusk, and his sister, Meng Ting, took the lead in finding various excuses to stop it. Lao Meng pretended to find a nanny to continue with lotus. Finally, the kindness of lotus moved the children and met the wishes of the old man. After Meng Daping remarried, his apprentice Fu Zi often took care of his ex-wife sun Yuerong and fell in love over time. Sun Yuerong found that his son Zhongcheng and Fuzi's daughter Peng Jie had already fallen in love, which was difficult for sun Yuerong to accept. But fukuko was moved by the children's love and accepted this fact. Meng Daping was busy and ignored his wife Lin Yuru. His wife started online love. Daping's sister Meng Xiang pretended to call the wrong number, designed to meet an online liar and taught the Playboy a lesson. Lin Yuru realized her mistake and found their love with sincerity. Meng Erping, Meng Daping's second brother, was cheated by reselling cultural relics. His old father was going to sell his house to pay his debts, and his brothers and sisters gave everything to help him... Meng Erping was moved by his family's family's family's gratitude for good, and he finally returned to his long lost home
Full 29 episodes
2007 Station B Series 
Xiong Wei and Xu Mengmeng are a young couple who aspire to DINK. They live freely for seven years after marriage. But five years ago, because the bear father who had settled in the United States was critically ill, the only regret was that he didn't have a grandson. Therefore, Xiong Wei sent a picture of his friend's big head son to his father and lied that he was his son, which fulfilled his father's long cherished wish. Unexpectedly, father Xiong got well as soon as he saw the picture of his grandson. So over the past five years, Xiong Wei had to send photos of his friend's son every so often. Who knows, the old couple suddenly want to return home to see their grandson. Xiong Wei and Xu Mengmeng don't know how to deal with it. At this time, their good friend Bao Dongdong provided a message about the computer doll. As like as two peas be struck dumb, Bao Dongdong and Xiong Wei find the mysterious strange doctor. He saw the computer dolls made by him, and it was exactly like the human children. It was a lot of magical functions that made Xiong Wei stare. Xiong Wei took the computer doll home and named it Zhuang Zhuang after his friend's son. Zhuang Zhuang started the parent service program and cleaned the room in the blink of an eye, which made Xiong Wei feel very novel. Zhuangzhuang suddenly ran out of electricity. I don't know Zhuangzhuang is the sprout of the computer doll. I was scared and panicked. Bao Dongdong took the opportunity to guide Xiong Wei and Meng Meng, saying that Zhuang Zhuang is the highest intelligent type and needs charging and emotional care. This accident is that Xiong Wei and Meng Meng, as parents, have no love and are incompetent. Xiong Wei and Mengmeng said that they should learn to treat the strong like their own son, so as not to help when Grandpa comes
Full 60 episodes
1997 Station B Series J

2004 Station B Series S
It was an opponent, a comrade in arms, a love enemy and a brother. For secret orders, the decisive battle was in 1949. Justice tears the soul, evil disguises itself as an angel, a mysterious secret order, a mystery case with suspense. In 1948, Zhou Boxun, deputy inspector of the 108 division of the Kuomintang, met Lin Qianru, a hospital nurse, on the street. They fell in love at first sight. However, Lin Qianru was a little uneasy. She knew that her cousin Jiao Zhixin had always loved her deeply.
Full 22 episodes
2020 Fanju S
Sweet dream cat is a light violet kitten doll, made by Goblins who live in the sky and are puppet craftsmen. One day, sweet dream cat fell from the sky and was picked up by a human girl and taken home. The girl picked up the sweet dream cat and talked to her every day; In order to express her gratitude, sweet dream cat made a wish to the moon, and then the star stripes in her ears were illuminated by the moonlight, emitted light, and became able to speak. The girl and sweet dream cat talk together every day, and sleep together at night will have the same dream, play together and talk about small secrets
All 48 words
2013 Station B Movie 
Charles, a successful middle-aged man, is an excellent CEO. He has a happy family, a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter. This happy and peaceful life lasted for 17 years. Charles gradually got tired of this peaceful life. He began to have an office relationship with a young and sexy secretary. His wife Emily found out about his extramarital affair, but she didn't correctly face the fact that Charles cheated, and she also took revenge on the cheating husband by cheating. Until Charles was sued for sexual harassment by his secretary, Charles really realized the seriousness of the situation and decided to find his originally happy family again.
high definition
2013 China Creation 
"Steamed bread diary" is a warm style comic book serialized by the author's ghost. This work tells a series of stories about the innocent and kind-hearted protagonist "steamed bread" - a child who has no parents and yearns for love. Later, it was announced that the work was animated. On Christmas day in 2013, a new animation "steamed bread diary" was officially broadcast, adding a different warm color to this cold Festival.
All 10 words
2017 China Creation M
In the modern world of cultivating immortals, there are intrigues, the law of the jungle, and everyone is in danger. After the security guard Ma hero saved the fairy girl, he started his spiritual journey by mistake.
Update to Episode 14
2021 China Creation O
The protagonist of DDD, hammer hammer, is an ordinary young man, optimistic, kind-hearted and dreamy. Around him, a series of funny stories have been launched
Updated to 159
2019 Station B Series 
Yu nonuo (Huang Xiaolei), an older urban woman over 30, is facing setbacks in her life and feelings. When she is about to end her love journey with her boyfriend Zhou Tong (Zhang Jingda), Zhou Tong has hit nonuo's heart hard. In her anger, nonuo married Du xiaoang (Wu Jun) who met by chance. Yu Momo (Jia Qing), a sister who wants to marry into a rich family, meets Malin (Lin Shen), a rich childe, and immediately launches a fierce offensive against him. Zhou Tong learns that nono has passed on others, so she defies the door and causes pregnant nono to miscarry in pushing mulberry. The parents in law who were far away in the countryside came to the door. As a result, as soon as the two in laws met, they broke up unhappily. Ma Lin's mother Cheng Xiaoying (Gao Baobao) sees that Mo Mo comes for the Ma family's property and tries to obstruct it, but the determined Ma Lin threatens his mother and will step in the door if he doesn't agree. Mo Mo's father Yu Yuanzhi (Ji Qilin) and mother Wang Li (Wu Mian) were forced to agree to their trial marriage. After cohabitation, marlin and Mo Mo fully exposed their true nature. Sister, how can nono live like this
Full 25 episodes
2018 Station B Series 
Rural youth Qian Guoshun (Sun song) and the same village girl Gu Xinyue are happy, but Qian's father is not optimistic about this prospective daughter-in-law who only has a better appearance, so he chose Zhang Yinfeng (Li Jingjing) from the neighboring village for his son. Yinfeng is hardworking, simple and outspoken, but she has a big arm and a round waist. Therefore, the country is deterred from looking forward to it, lest it be inferior to it. Guoshun resolutely withdrew from his marriage and didn't marry Gu Xinyue. As a result, Yinfeng made a scene, and Qian's father was also angry. Against his heart, Guoshun secretly left home and found Gu Xinyue who had moved to the county to discuss the marriage. At this time, the new moon is being pursued by section chief Wu Mingyuan. Love and reality are in front of him, making him hesitate_ Soon, crescent moon and Wu Mingyuan got married. Desperate guoshunhe heard the news and Yinfeng made a scene at the wedding. After twists and turns, the young people finally got their own way. Guoshun and Yinfeng also started the entrepreneurial road full of joy and bitterness
Full 23 episodes
2019 Station B Movie u
Ronald is a complete nerd at school. He rejects sports and preaches the beauty of reading every day, but his girlfriend Mary doesn't think so. On the contrary, she loves sports. Ronald loves Mary deeply. He doesn't want to lose Mary, let alone watch his beloved lover be robbed by his rival Jeff, For love, he had to wrongly go back to school to participate in more sports
high definition
2020 Station B Movie g

2021 Fanju T
"You, come and be my assistant EEE."_ With the physique of being involved in the incident, Junko junzuka became the assistant of the angel like beautiful girl sesta who claimed to be a detective on a plane at an altitude of 10000 meters. In order to fight against enemies all over the world, they have traveled all over the world for three years and launched a series of soul stirring adventures. Soon after, the detective died_ A year has passed since the turbulent days. Junzhong, who has been promoted to senior three, also indulges in the warm water called daily life and lives an extremely ordinary student life. However, a client appeared beside him_ "Are you a detective?"_ Taking the opportunity of meeting Xia Yuzhu, a girl of the same grade, the grand story connecting the past and the present began again——
Update to 9th sentence
2020 Station B Series 
Dragon II consists of four units: 1. The strange case of Hydrangea 2. The ghost bride 3. The true and false leader of the state 4. After the restoration of the state, Sima Yulong, a confused county magistrate and Miao imperial envoy, became the missing empress dowager under the pseudonym of Chu Tianyou. Accompanied by Zhao Yu, a loyal Hou, Shanshan, a confidant and Ding Wuwei, who is proficient in medical skills and is good-natured and funny, he searched for the Empress Dowager along the road, While eradicating the remaining evils and corrupt officials of the previous dynasty, it has calmed many bloody grievances in the world and won the love of the people. According to the legend of Hydrangea, four county magistrates have died in Shuntian County for three consecutive years, which makes Tianyou feel strange, so he came to the county as a new county magistrate. However, as soon as he took office, he was in danger, and it seemed that someone was preventing the continuation of the investigation. Strangely, the four county magistrates who died in the county were the sons-in-law of GUI Wanjun, a local good man. Hearing that Guizhu, the daughter of the GUI family, was going to throw an Hydrangea for marriage, Zhao Yu disguised herself, took the hydrangea and became GUI Wanjun's son-in-law. So the mystery was solved layer by layer. GUI Wanjun was the sworn brother of the traitor Ye Hong. Abbot Qiuxin fax with strange whereabouts had a close relationship with GUI Wanjun. It is said that Dong Ge, the county magistrate who died in the fire cave, is still alive. Tianyou and others went deep into the tiger's den and smashed GUI Wanjun's plot against the imperial court
Full 39 episodes
2021 China Creation 
The legend of Huaguo Mountain has been circulating in the three realms. In order to ensure the peace of the three realms, the monkey king, the great sage of Qi Tian, fought with the six eared macaque, the demon of destruction, and finally died together. But is this really the case? Who spread the rumor? What's behind it? Where did the disappeared monkey king go?
Full 2 episodes
2018 China Creation 
In the fourth quarter of tea ah No. 2 middle school, there are teachers' angry scolding, students' support and help, the shyness of love, the stumbling of ignorant growth, and the thinking of dreams... Perhaps, this is youth, perhaps, this is growth. There is always a trace of warmth in relaxation, and despair when optimistic. But it is in this way that we have the power to move forward and sing wantonly in our wayward youth
Full 15 episodes
2018 Fanju X
Long Yi, whose parents died in a plane crash
Full 12 episodes
2021 Station B Movie J
Bruce Wayne decided to join hands with Diana Prince and plan to recruit a team of superpowers to protect the world from the coming catastrophic threat BBB. But this task is more difficult than Bruce imagined, because each member must face and cross his past demons, unite and finally form an unprecedented heroic Alliance: Batman, wonder woman, sea king, steel bone and lightning. They must unite now, or they will not be able to stop the terrible plans of the wilderness wolf, desad and dakside to destroy the earth.
high definition
2021 Station B Movie A
Samantha, a female teacher, lived a comfortable life with her 8-year-old daughter in a quiet town. She was very satisfied with everything except that she had lost part of her memory EEE. In a car accident, her lost memory began to recover, and some fragments in her brain made her doubt her former identity.
high definition
2008 Station B Series Z

2006 Station B Series 
Lunan, along the canal bank and Weishan Lake, there is a large beautiful and picturesque pomegranate garden. A fresh and cheerful rural light comedy began in this fascinating pomegranate garden. The thirty episode TV series "pomegranate blossom" takes the construction of China's new socialist countryside as the macro background, takes the "land" issue most concerned by the rural people as the core clue, and tells the story of Shi Yi, an honest and honest, smart and capable Xianglan, a warm-hearted but thankless village head Shi Yuan, a high spirited In order to pursue the beautiful life outlined in their hearts, the rural people with Liu Sandian and other characters with frequent crooked ideas are calculating their own small 99 in a series of contradictions and conflicts of different families, such as "land contract", "love and marriage", "children's problems", and a series of exciting and exciting events due to the different personality characteristics, ideas, opportunistic coincidences and other factors of the characters in the play A touching or funny little story happened. After many twists and turns, the villagers in the pomegranate garden finally found their own happy destination.
Full 32 episodes
2020 Station B Movie C

2021 Station B Movie L
Zhe Xiong, who made inflatable dolls, fell in love with Yuanzi at first sight and got married. He concealed his real work and lived an ordinary life, but his excessive enthusiasm for the production of inflatable dolls endangered the relationship between husband and wife BBB. Under such circumstances, Yuan Zi confessed the secret in his heart to zhe Xiong
high definition
2020 Station B Movie S

2019 Station B Movie Y
Chen Nian (Zhou Dongyu) is a senior high school student who is about to take part in the college entrance examination. The suicide of the same school girl Hu Xiaodie makes her life difficult. After Hu Xiaodie's death, Chen Nian was bullied by a trio led by Wei Lai. Although Wei Lai appeared to be a clever top student, he was actually vicious. By chance, Chen Nian met a small gangster named Xiaobei (Yiguan Qianxi decoration). With the passage of time, sincere feelings developed between the two people. Xiaobei promised Chen Nian to secretly protect her from Wei Lai's bullying. Unexpectedly, this decision triggered a series of chain reactions
high definition
2014 Station B Movie 
Wu Zhizhen (GUI lunmei), who has a cold and gorgeous appearance, exudes the charm of an old woman, which is a fatal temptation for men, especially for the police Zhang Zili (Liao Fan), who once met her. Five years ago, Wu Zhizhen's husband Liang Zhijun (Wang Xuebing) was found dead by the police in a bizarre case of corpse fragmentation. At that time, Zhang Zili killed the murderer who refused to arrest with a gun after solving the case. Five years later, there were similar serial cases, and these dead people had fallen in love with Wu Zhizhen. Zhang Zili, who was still in love with Wu Zhizhen, took the initiative to approach Wu Zhizhen, but fell in love with this woman like a moth to the fire. The two people who suffered major life setbacks gradually moved from sympathizing with each other to falling in love. With closer contact, Zhang Zili found the truth five years ago
high definition
2019 Station B Movie C
In 1960, the Chinese mountaineering team launched a sprint to Mount Everest and completed the impossible task of climbing the north slope for the first time in the world. 15 years later, with the help of meteorologist Xu Ying, Fang Wuzhou and Qu Songlin led young players such as Li Guoliang and Yang Guang to challenge the top of the world again. They will be greeted by a harsher reality and the challenge of life and death
high definition