Even the salty fish should be the saltiest one_ Brother Xianyu, who lives in his aunt's house, plays around all day and is a good swimmer CCC. Because of his unique style, he often encounters surviva[Expand All]

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2018 China Creation M
One day, college student Chang Tian was threatened by his life because of his conflict with a gangster. At a critical juncture, he suddenly summoned an unknown artifact. The artifact protected Chang Tian. Later, Chang Tian named the artifact "Xiaobai".
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2021 China Creation 
"Raccoon town in mobile phone" is adapted from the network series comics of the same name created by the cartoonist raccoon Wuer. It tells the story of a group of lovely little animals living in human mobile phones, working hard to make the functions of mobile phones work normally, so that people can maintain communication with others, maintain contact with the world and get a sense of happiness CCC. The raccoon town in the mobile phone is like a miniature human society. There are various institutions and systems such as police stations, hospitals, entertainment places, restaurants, Diao air transportation, Baba passenger transportation, and of course, there are also cultures and festivals that came into being.
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2020 China Creation 
Han Li, an ordinary teenager, was born in poverty. In order to make his family live a better life, he volunteered to go to Qixuan gate to participate in the entry examination. Finally, he was accepted by doctor mo. Doctor Mo carefully trained and taught Han Li medical skills at the beginning, which made Han Li very grateful to him. However, with the disappearance of his disciple Zhang tie, Han Li found doctor Mo's true face. Doctor Mo tries to take away Han Li, but he is finally killed by Han Li. Through doctor Mo's suicide note, Han Li learned of a new world: the existence of the immortal world. After helping qixuanmen resist foreign enemies, Han Li left qixuanmen and went to doctor Mo's home to find Wenyang Baoyu detoxification, and helped the Mo family defeat the enemy. After learning the address of the Tainan small meeting from doctor Mo's daughter, Mo caihuan, Han Li decided to go to the Tainan small meeting in order to pursue the footprints of immortals. After saying goodbye to his family, Han Li came to the Tainan Valley, met a group of immortals and officially started his journey of immortality.
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2021 China Creation D
When mankind is about to be extinct, the six temples rise and lead mankind to hold the last leader EEE. A teenager joined the knight temple to save his mother. Miracles and tricks were constantly performed on him. In this world where the six human temples and the 72 column demon gods of the demon family collide with each other, can he ascend the God seal throne, which symbolizes the highest glory of the knight.
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2021 China Creation D
In the late Han Dynasty, the aura of heaven and earth disappeared for no reason, and the exorcism department, which was very popular for a time, fell apart, which is known in history "Ten thousand dharmas died AAA. In the fourth year of the Jin Dynasty, the only great Exorcist in the world, Chen Xing, came to Xiangyang to find his appointed Dharma protector. Relying on the magic weapon heart lamp hosted in his soul, Chen Xing tried to find a way to restore the spirit of heaven and earth to fight against the recovering demons. He also forged a deep friendship with Xiang Shu, the Dharma protector. The animation will integrate the ancient style , gods and demons, fantasy, battle and other elements present a magnificent and ups and downs heroic legend to the audience.
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2021 China Creation F
In an overhead world, there is a small group of "special abilities" that exist secretly. They will not expose themselves in front of ordinary people, and manage various unnatural events caused by special abilities through an autonomous organization - difference control center to maintain social order. However, with the passage of time, there has also been a position differentiation among those with special abilities. Some people want to protect peace and maintain balance, while others want to use special power to grab private interests. Contradictions are imminent.
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2021 China Creation T
The unpromising Yin Yang master Qingming returns from the counter attack! He has become the president of Yinyang Liao, who manages all kinds of daily affairs. His subordinates command countless Yin and Yang masters to dominate Kyoto. Er... No, these are all your illusions. Qingming is still the unpromising Qingming. Even if a small yin-yang hut is created, the partners are all out of the situation, and Qingming will continue his small days of fishing and comparison with these new partners. Just this time, maybe it's a little different
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2021 China Creation C
On a floating light island that may be inhabited by gods, there are humans and a group of cats AAA_ Cat eggs will incarnate cat spirits because of various strong obsessions. Cat spirits integrate into human life and cultivate their own grain fields; Operate chain grocery stores; Enter the entertainment circle to be a popular idol; Become the Witch of the shrine or choose to occupy the mountain as the king... So there are many funny and warm daily stories of boys, girls and cat spirits.
Update to 7th sentence
2013 China Creation 
"Steamed bread diary" is a warm style comic book serialized by the author's ghost. This work tells a series of stories about the innocent and kind-hearted protagonist "steamed bread" - a child who has no parents and yearns for love. Later, it was announced that the work was animated. On Christmas day in 2013, a new animation "steamed bread diary" was officially broadcast, adding a different warm color to this cold Festival.
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2021 China Creation O
The protagonist of DDD, hammer hammer, is an ordinary young man, optimistic, kind-hearted and dreamy. Around him, a series of funny stories have been launched
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2017 China Creation M
In the modern world of cultivating immortals, there are intrigues, the law of the jungle, and everyone is in danger. After the security guard Ma hero saved the fairy girl, he started his spiritual journey by mistake.
Update to Episode 14
2021 China Creation 
The legend of Huaguo Mountain has been circulating in the three realms. In order to ensure the peace of the three realms, the monkey king, the great sage of Qi Tian, fought with the six eared macaque, the demon of destruction, and finally died together. But is this really the case? Who spread the rumor? What's behind it? Where did the disappeared monkey king go?
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2018 China Creation 
In the fourth quarter of tea ah No. 2 middle school, there are teachers' angry scolding, students' support and help, the shyness of love, the stumbling of ignorant growth, and the thinking of dreams... Perhaps, this is youth, perhaps, this is growth. There is always a trace of warmth in relaxation, and despair when optimistic. But it is in this way that we have the power to move forward and sing wantonly in our wayward youth
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2021 China Creation T
The father taught his son to read and explained the origin of Chinese characters by explaining hieroglyphics. The film uses 36 active hieroglyphs to tell an interesting story.
one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four
2021 China Creation D
In the distant past, the alien survivors who were invaded by negar and exiled to the earth due to the exploitation of unlimited energy created divine relics and civilization for the earth and continue to this day. When the earth faced the same crisis, the huge robot sealed in the ruins woke up. In order to find his sister who was missing in the negar attack, Li Xinglan volunteered to join the Ag force at the forefront.

2021 China Creation J
On the eve of jute uprising in early November 1927, five young self-defense soldiers were temporarily formed into an investigation team. They sneaked into the county in advance from Huang'an Qiliping, the birthplace of the uprising, cooperated with the rebel commandos to successfully capture the county, and made repeated achievements in the subsequent battle to defend the county. However, due to the great difference between the enemy and our forces, the insurgents had to give up Huang'an city after holding on for half a month, and the team moved with the main force to Mulan mountain, Huangpi county to carry out guerrilla activities. In January 1928, the rebel army was reorganized into the seventh army of the Chinese workers' and peasants' Revolutionary Army in Mulan mountain. It adopted flexible guerrilla tactics and achieved a series of victories. In July, it was officially reorganized into the 31st division of the 11th army of the Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army. By may 1929, the red 31st division had initially built the Hubei Henan border Soviet Area with chaishanbao as the center and more than 100 kilometers across. After the baptism of the cruel war, the youth of the small unit have also grown into firm and mature revolutionary soldiers, marching towards a broader new battlefield with the lofty ideal of realizing communism.
Update to session 2
2021 China Creation D
What exactly is the book of mountains and seas talking about? Gourmets don't eat for nothing. Back in the era of Shanhaijing, they explored the famous mountains and seas mentioned in Shanhaijing and found that all this was so interesting! It turns out that there have been mermaids in China for a long time, but they are not beautiful little sisters at all ~ it turns out that the ancients have given employees "bird worship and bird payment", and the employees will work hard at 996 and 007 ~ it turns out that the West Queen Mother is a strange mother-in-law, not a super imperial sister ~ it turns out that Dayu fought the water monkey when he controlled the flood! The most interesting story of the book of mountains and seas is in the book of mountains and seas!
Update to session 2
2021 China Creation V
In addition to the human world, there is also a food world in the universe - Yuanqi food EEE. David the bear and 1001 dice live here. Food Ding is like human beings in this world. He has to work, fall in love and get married. However, because of their delicious attributes, they often make jokes in daily life. From time to time, David Xiong, who pits food Ding, incarnates as a doctor, teacher and cook, and starts a noisy and funny daily life with food Ding.
Update to 142
2021 China Creation I
If history is a group of mews is a historical cartoon based on Chinese history and the Twenty-Four Histories. It aims to popularize the knowledge of Chinese history to young readers. The work reinterprets historical events in humorous language, which is easier for young people to remember and accept. In terms of expression, the work uses modern cartoon techniques to create 12 plump and lovely cats, and uses them to interpret historical events into wonderful historical stories. The cartoon not only responds to the call of the central government to "carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture", but also a new exploration and attempt of cultural innovation and "teaching in fun".
Update to session 2