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2021 Chinese Drama P
Wang Guanyi  Xu Hao  Wu haoze  Ni Hanjin  Fu Shuyang  Tu Bing  Wang xiaoorange  Bai Xinyi  Luo Zheng  Li Ying  Wang Zexuan 
It tells the story of Wen xiaonuan, a dragon suit actor who was hired to play the secret lover of Ye FeiMo, CEO of Anning culture, in order to make money and maintain his hometown Huangmei troupe. After they were hired to play a secret lover, they "pretended to be real" and became a real lover.
Update to 4 episodes
2021 Chinese Drama M
After graduating from college, Fang Zhiqiang owed more than 500000 in order to cure his girlfriend Nie Qian's father, but his girlfriend broke up and disappeared. Forced to pay off his debt by express, Fang Zhiqiang had to look for the trace of his girlfriend in this small town. In the process of delivering express, Yaxin, the elite queen of overseas returnees, made trouble because she was late, signed a secret agreement with her and began the life of "agreed marriage". At this time, Li Xiaoxiao, a rich woman, began to pursue Fang Zhiqiang because she was moved by Fang Zhiqiang's kindness. When Fang Zhiqiang was trapped in two relationships and couldn't choose, his ex girlfriend Nie Qian appeared in front of him again
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2007 Chinese Drama A
One day, a traffic accident occurred at suojiafen intersection, in which a bicycle was hit, the victim disappeared for no reason, and the hit and run vehicle. Then, Liu Bo, the chief of the accident section, led the police to conduct a tortuous and bizarre follow-up investigation on the accident case with the assistance of Gu Xiang, the chief of the technical section. The victim Liao Jianbin escaped and died unexpectedly, which interrupted the tracking clues for a time. The emergence of Qu Mucong, a mute witness of the accident, made the case develop. According to the important clues she provided, the police officers of the accident section focused their suspicious eyes on the criminal police captain Tang Guodong and his white Santana step by step. Can careful evidence collection and investigation prove Tang Guodong's suspected accident? Or is there someone else at the scene? A lie a thousand times turns into truth, or is the truth covered up in a lie? Who is the real perpetrator?
Full 25 episodes
2005 Chinese Drama B
This play tells a story of revenge in the modern commercial war: Li Yunyang (Huang Zhizhong), the young chairman of Dayang company, risked bankruptcy and fought for the big with small risks in the auction of "Maple Garden" in order to defeat Qiao Yunfeng (Wang Qingxiang), the chairman of Boshi company, who forced his father to death in the futures fight 10 years ago, He won the project in the auction with Qiao Yunfeng, but he also forced himself into a desperate situation. In order to find a hidden plan, Li Yunyang endured humiliation and was bought by Qiao Yunfeng. At the same time, a bigger revenge plan has just begun in his hands. He combined with Peng Xiaobo, a stock market and futures expert, to design a futures trap for Qiao Yunfeng step by step
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2006 Chinese Drama I
Wang Qian  Liu Jun  Wang Ting  
The director of infinite vitality is Xu Qingdong, a famous director who has been creating high ratings of TV dramas in recent years. He continues to use the team of TV dramas such as group 6 of serious cases and a pair of embroidered shoes. The valiant policewoman Wang Qian in "serious crimes group 6" has become a shrewd and capable doctor Su this time. In an interview with reporters, Wang Qian told reporters that it was not easy to shoot infinite vitality this time. A few months before the start-up, the crew, led by the director, the main actors and other creative personnel, went to Beijing 120 emergency center, friendship hospital, Chaoyang Hospital and other on-site internships. Dozens of people followed the ambulance to rescue patients and observed the large-scale emergency surgery and treatment process of the hospital. During the experience of life, Wang Qian was on the night shift in the emergency room of the hospital every day. "Every night, a group of patients came, and the doctors on duty were not enough, so I really went on duty." Wang Qian said that during her internship, she helped the patients whose heads were cut off shave their heads, stopped bleeding for the patients, and pushed the elderly patients with suffocation to the rescue room. The story of the emergency room in the United States She caught up with everything in the story. So when one of the staff members suddenly fainted at the filming scene and everyone else was in disorder, Wang Qian came forward to "diagnose" and really cured people three times and five times.
Full 32 episodes
2020 Chinese Drama Q
Qian Dabao, director of Shangshui village, went to participate in the evaluation of "getting rich red flag village" in the county. He lagged behind Shuishui village by one vote and was not elected. At the celebration, Qian Dabao and Zheng laoruthless, the director of Shuishui village, bet after drinking that the output value exceeded that of Shuishui village within one year. Zheng laoruthless came to Shangshui village to carry Qian Dabao's bag. When Qian Dabao lost, he gave his daughter more money to the Zheng family as his daughter-in-law. They signed in public. Qian Dabao is deeply involved in the plan of how to surpass Shuishui village. Man Yihua supports Qian Dabao's idea of getting rich, but he thinks of all the industries that can get rich in the village, and the combined output value is less than 10 million, which makes Qian Dabao deeply distressed. At this time, he received a call from his daughter Qian Duoduo, who was studying tourism management at a university in the province. Qian Duoduo told Qian Dabao that she had won an investment project to build the flower island outside the village into a provincial tourism landscape, which could promote the tourism agriculture in the village to a new level, which made Qian Dabao overjoyed. At the same time, someone reported to Qian Dabao that Qian Erbao was secretly transporting the stones on Huadao. Qian Dabao expected that the stones might be an opportunity to get rich, so he went to the building materials City in the city to inquire. Sure enough, the development of the construction market led to the rise of the building materials industry, and the stones have become popular products, and the stones on Huadao in Shangshui village are the most popular stone materials in the current market.
Full 36 episodes
2002 Chinese Drama P
The film tells that Gai Kun, a middle school Chinese teacher, has real talent and learning, but also thinks he doesn't CCC. I always feel that I have not been reused in school. During the professional title evaluation, his application for grade jump was rejected by the school, that is, did he lose face and get any practical benefits, especially tortured by the Philistine wife at home. Because of the family's financial constraints and face saving, gaikun was unwilling to charge more fees from the tutored students, so the contradiction between gaikun and his wife continued to occur.
Full 20 episodes
2004 Chinese Drama J
Wu Ruofu  Zhou Li  Zhang Chao  Wang Qian 
At the secret inquiry office of the Public Security Department of a southern province, Yang Hua, a female inspector, and Shi Jie, the director of the supervision office, are conducting judicial inquiries to investigate the case of "sexual assault" against long Da, the captain of the criminal police branch of Hanshan City DDD\ R in the anti drug process of Hanshan police, the informant Zhao Dong mysteriously disappeared with 20 kilograms of drugs. Long Da, who was in charge of the operation, was charged with a major accident. At this time, a letter of accusation against Longda's corruption and bribery was sent. The provincial department decided to appoint Yang Hua to investigate Longda's problem and conduct a secret investigation into Hanshan Renchang group, which had been reported to have major problems. When Yang Hua found song Dafu, a witness related to Renchang group, for questioning, song suddenly died. Longda was temporarily detained and implemented "double regulations". Longda received Zhao Dong's page of "brick kiln, life danger", but he knocked down Shi Jie, who was guarding him, and escaped from the police station\ R Longda came to the brick kiln where Zhao Dong asked for help. He didn't find Zhao Dong, and fell into the major suspicion of murder again. The Municipal Bureau decided to arrest Longda internally. Long Da felt that he was caught in other people's conspiracy, so he went to Liu Sisi who accused him of "sexual assault" and tried to get some information from it. At this time, Liu Sisi was chased and killed by lengyeyun. Long Da rescued and coerced Liu Sisi and began to flee\ R under the questioning of long Da, Liu Sisi lied that she was forced to frame long Da because of money. Long Da was going to give her to Ma Yu to defend herself. Around the place where Longda negotiated with Ma Yu, shijiebu took a sniper to prevent Longda from resisting. Longda ran away angrily. Yang Hua found that Shi Jie had been in secret contact with the informant. In addition to Shi Jie's action, Yang Hua began to doubt Shi Jie, thought that Shi Jie had a significant relationship with Longda, and tried to kill people. Longda received Zhao Dong's pager: I'm dangerous, cabin
Full 24 episodes
2021 Chinese Drama M
Wang Dachun (Jiang Hongen) who works in the city is handsome. His father died young and his mother was widowed all her life. Wang Dachun looks like his father, while his mother is ugly, so Wang Dachun was afraid that others would know that he had an ugly mother (Zhang Shaohua). After Wang Dachun met Zhao Xiaoxu (Feng Yifei), a beautiful city girl who worked in the same hotel while working, because Zhao Xiaoxu, whose parents had both died, paid special attention to the appearance of her boyfriend and his family, and Wang Dachun took special care of Zhao Xiaoxu, the two fell in love. Wang Dachun, who deeply loved Zhao Xiaoxu, was abandoned by his girlfriend several times because of vanity and an ugly mother, So that he concealed the fact that there was an ugly mother in his family from Zhao Xiaoxu and said that he himself was also the death of his parents.
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2019 Chinese Drama R
Shen Yien and her boyfriend Ye Qilei started their business together. They started their career and got on the right track just after graduating from university. However, the market was treacherous and sinister, and ye Qilei's "accidental death" was caused by his opponent's competition for interests. Shen Yien, who lost her lover, did not fall down. On the one hand, she shouldered the important task of her career alone and built the company into a well-known fashion brand; On the one hand, he pursued Ye Qilei's whereabouts. Ye Qilei didn't die. He was saved. Because of his serious injury, he had to change his face and recover in a foreign country. He narrowly escaped death. He returned home and became the fashion president "Lu Zhun", determined to find out the truth of his accident that year. Lu Zhun and Shen Yien fall in love again in the dangerous atmosphere of being both enemies and friends. Shen Yien has a childhood suitor Qin ye, and her best friend Cen Wei falls in love with the handsome Lu Zhun. The friendship and love of the four young people are delicately unbalanced. Facing the complex emotional problems and the ups and downs of their career, Shen Yien and Lu Zhun finally found each other's original heart in difficulties, hand in hand, and true love will never die.
Full 58 episodes
2006 Chinese Drama W
Zhang Heng  Zhu Lin  Li Qian 
This play is an urban emotional play about the life experiences of three women (about 40, 30 and 20 years old respectively). Chen Guangfu, the respected former headmaster of a middle school, lost his wife in his early years and later married the gentle and virtuous Zhang Yaqin (formerly the nanny of the Chen family). This behavior aroused the fierce opposition of his daughter Chen Xi. The father and daughter turned against each other, and Chen Xi moved out of the house. Chen Guangfu died of illness, leaving two contradictory wills. Chen Xi decides to go to court, and Zhang Yaqin has no choice but to fight. Finally, the court announced that Zhang Yaqin had the permanent residence right of Chen's courtyard and Chen Xi had the property right. Ma Yun, Zhang Yaqin's daughter, is 21 years old. She has failed in the college entrance examination twice. She has no interest in her homework. All she does is her mother's hard work. The three women lived awkwardly together, from mutual disgust to mutual understanding and support. Although they finally had to sell their house for Ma Yun's operation, the house was gone, a new home was formed, and the three women finally lived together in harmony.
Full 25 episodes
2012 Chinese Drama L
The play tells the story of five orphans who are adopted by a kind-hearted granny Hai and live happily under the same roof. Later, due to granny Hai's death, the five children are lonely again without DDD. When they grow up, they get together again because of love, but times change, things change, love and hate entanglement, and they can't escape the arrangement of fate.
Full 20 episodes
Update to 6 episodes
2021 Chinese Drama C
This play tells a touching story about the heroine Yu Xinhuan's perseverance, courage and struggle with evil forces in the VR game when the childe leaves, so as to win true love.
Update to episode 4
2021 Chinese Drama 
Update to episode 08
2021 Chinese Drama M
When the anchor disappeared inexplicably before the start of the broadcast, the domineering female president xinruila personally went to the battle and broadcast live with her partner when she was with the mysterious chief bartender of the enigma fine bar. An unexpected live broadcast made the two meet again like fate, and the secret 15 years ago gradually surfaced. In order to secretly help xinruila, who was framed by villain jealousy, xinruila found that he was Wenqi, a childhood sweetheart that has been unforgettable for 15 years. However, why did Wen Qi change her name and surname, and why did the former go genius give up go now? Xinruila is determined to uncover the mystery
Full 12 episodes
2021 Chinese Drama M
Wang Bozhong, the entrepreneur's son, fell in love with Wang Lingxue, a college girl who worked on a work study program at first sight. For her, he transferred his major to her. When he should have started a beautiful youth love, he encountered many obstacles, both from his own family and from friends. However, this desperate and unforgettable love made this youth memorable.
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2021 Chinese Drama M
The play tells the story of the girl Chen Meiru's fantasy of the prince of Babylon appearing in her diary. At the age of 12, Chen Meiru began to describe her reverie about love and wrote her fantasy Prince Babylon in her diary. At the age of 24, Chen Meiru's Prince will come like a God, and other characters in her diary will appear one by one. The diary of that year has become a spell through time and space. Chen Meiru is also involved in a love hate relationship
Update to 6 episodes
2007 Chinese Drama W
"Wave strikes the horizon" is a TV series produced by Beijing Hengyou Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in 2007. Through the emotional collision between a father and son under the background of the big times and the different understanding of career, family and love between the two generations, it reflects the flesh and blood affection, sincere friendship and beautiful love between people in the process of modernization Humorous strokes reproduce the emotional life of contemporary people.
Full 20 episodes
2015 Chinese Drama H
Yutian Town, East Anhui in 1931. Master Bai, a big family in the town, had to marry Bai Ling to Qian Yifei because of his business and family property. Bailing jumped off a cliff and committed suicide. Tang Tianming and his servant Tian Xiaoman, who loved bailing deeply, saved bailing. Tang Tianming decides to help the Bai family pay off their debts. His grandfather Tang Guanhong stops him in every way. It turned out that Tang Tianming was not the young master of the Tang family, but the child of Tian Shuhuai. He was a close brother with his servant Tian Xiaoman. Bai Ling seeks revenge wholeheartedly and revolves between Qian Yifei and Tang Tianming. When Japan invaded Yutian Town, blood flowed into a river and the people were miserable. Qian and Tang were robbed and destroyed. Tian Xiaoman went up the mountain with a double gun team and became a righteous bandit, especially against the devil. Tang Tianming joined the national army with head he. Qian Yifei became a traitor, but Bai Ling disappeared. A few months later, Bai Ling returned to Yutian town. She married Zhu Jintao and caught traitors with Tang Tianqi. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, Tian Xiaoman joined the Communist Party to follow Xianglan. The national army was defeated and fled to Taiwan, and the motherland was liberated. Tang Tianming went to Taiwan. Tian Xiaoman and Tang Tianming separated from each other and continued to fulfill their mission entrusted by history [2]
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2021 Chinese Drama G
Pure cloud wants to be spoiled by his mother since childhood. He lives a happy life and has a kind personality. Unexpectedly, a series of changes have taken place in family life. Under the various calculations of his stepfather Yun Yiming, Yun thought that he had almost encountered an accident, and his mother Ye Qing was also in danger. In order to protect his mother, Yunxiang rose up from adversity, fought bravely with yunyiming with the help of Fu Sihan, and thwarted yunyiming's plot several times. Yunxiang also grew up in hardships, from a girl who didn't know the world to a dare new woman, and gained sweet love with Fu Sihan.
Update to 10 episodes
2006 Chinese Drama F
It tells the story of Qingqing, the golden official of the richest official hall in the capital, who suddenly slipped out of the capital when his marriage was approaching, and di Sanlang, the unlucky escort, was appointed to protect and monitor Qingqing, so an open and secret struggle began. At the same time, it also began the story of "flower protection romance" between Sanlang and Qingqing.
Full 31 episodes
2006 Chinese Drama H
At the end of the late Qing Dynasty, ancient China, which had been closed for many years, was opened by Western foreign ships and cannons, and great changes were taking place in the times. Huang Feihong, a young boxer, felt very confused in the face of the changes of this great era. He has practiced hard for more than 30 years. In the face of foreign guns and guns, does he still have room to show his 18 kinds of martial arts? Traditional Chinese medicine, which has been in medicine for many years, is facing the new western medicine. Is there room for survival? Thirteen aunts who have just returned from the West have brought Huang Feihong a greater impact. Thirteen aunts were proficient in foreign languages, westernized their lives, and even learned Western shooting and fencing. These not only made Huang Feihong refreshing, but also opened Huang Feihong's disciples' eyes. They were determined to adapt to the trend, keep up with the trend, and be young people who keep pace with the times. These suddenly made Huang Feihong, a middle-aged man, at a loss. Aunt thirteen brings not only an impact on Huang Feihong's personal career and life, but also an emotional impact! Aunt thirteen is deeply in love with Huang Feihong, which Huang Feihong can't dream of. Although thirteen aunts are ten years younger than Huang Feihong, they are not related by blood. Although thirteen aunts are beautiful, generous and decent, seniority is seniority, and rules are rules. As a younger generation, how can Huang Feihong accept the love of thirteen aunts? Huang Feihong had no choice but to escape and do everything to avoid aunt 13. Soon, he knew he had made a mistake. When the new governor Zha Fangbu (He Zhonghua) had a close relationship with his aunt, he decided to face up to his aunt's love.
Full 33 episodes
1998 Chinese Drama S
Xu Zheng  Tao Hong  Liu Xiaofeng  Sun Xing  Chen Hong  Weng Hong  Li Liqun  Jin Qiaoqiao  
Bajie was an ordinary pig. He tried his best to escape from the pigsty because he wanted to escape the fate of being slaughtered. One day, Bajie met Taibai Venus who came to the world because of chasing nine cat demons. At this time, Taibai Venus was trapped in a bolt, and the witty Bajie saved him. Taibai Jinxing thanked Bajie, so she cast a spell to make him a man for a day. The spell moved, and Bajie shook himself into the appearance of his master, handsome Zhu Shusheng. He became a human like Bajie. He didn't want to be a pig again, so he ran away. In order to escape the pursuit of the powerful Taibai Venus, Bajie ran away and learned skills everywhere. Kung Fu really grew rapidly. Then, Taibai Jinxing's internal injury recurred and his skill lost more than half. Seeing this, the Supreme Lord gave him the eight commandments divine skill and asked him to destroy the cat demon with Taibai Jinxing.
Full 38 episodes
2021 Chinese Drama F
In the spring of 1965, in response to the major strategic decisions of the Central Committee and Chairman Mao, and under the increasingly tense international situation, in order to strengthen war preparedness, gradually change the layout of China's productive forces, make a major strategic adjustment from east to west and carry out the construction of the third front. Xia Fangzhou, a young and vigorous man, came to Jinjiang and joined the China 109 metallurgical construction company specially established for the third tier to devote himself to the construction of Sichuan Yunnan iron and steel. Here he met his lover Qin Xiaodan. Although they went through Ji Chenggang's constant instigation and various conspiracies, they finally came together. Xia Fangzhou's friends Qi Guangfu and Lu Tinglan, as well as Li Xinmei, who has been chasing Xia Fangzhou to this land because of love, have paid precious youth and even life for the third-line construction. In decades of changes, Xia Fangzhou and the people around him came and went, but they all perfectly demonstrated the spirit and power of the times. In the changes of years, their children have grown up and devoted themselves to the construction of the motherland.
Update to episode 1
2021 Chinese Drama B
Chen long  Chai Biyun  Xu xiaosa  he Zhen  Shao Feng  Guo Jiaming  Zhang Ying  Wang Yijun  Chang Bo  Huai Wen 
It tells the revolutionary hero story of Mou Zilong (Chen Long) who, from the early 1930s to the war of liberation, was in danger. On the road of national hatred and family hatred, he firmly believed and led the children of Jiaodong to protect the country and people.
Update to 2 episodes
2021 Chinese Drama M
In order to help customers buy Gaoding wedding dress, fashion buyer Gu Xixi sneaked into a high-end cocktail party. He got acquainted with bully president Yin sichen because of one lie after another. He had to combine it with a paper engagement and became Yin sichen's contract wife for three months. Love Meng Xinba always meets a clever and cunning little fox and launches a close love game. Through various tests, Yin sichen helped Gu Xixi get closer to her dream of becoming a designer, founded her own clothing brand and became an excellent woman comparable to Yin sichen
Update to episode 08
2020 Chinese Drama T
Ren Jialun  Zhang Huiwen  Li Yitong  Guo Haojun  Lin Yuan  Shao Weitong  Cui Zhong  Wu Jiani  Yu Ziyang  
Longyin city takes the life-saving flower "chihuazhu" as its supreme treasure. It is the leading Gang BBB in the Jianghu. Longyin city has always been closed to outsiders. It was not until Lin Jing deliberately broke in that he gradually revealed the secret behind Rong Jingfeng. At the same time, Lin Jing and Rong Yi had a love affair with each other. They pursued each other. Fang felt that the hidden conspiracy in Longyin city was actually a mystery case involving the Jianghu for many years. Although there were many grievances, Lin Jing and Rong Yi firmly believed that they could resolve everything in the way of love and forgiveness. Although they had different positions, they always fought against evil forces with one heart and finally returned to peace in the Jianghu.
Full 45 episodes
2021 Chinese Drama P
The natural ugly daughter of Nangong family made a baby kiss with King Mo when she was young. When they grew up, King Mo disliked Nangong Qing's ugly appearance and refused to admit the marriage. She was extremely cruel to Nangong Qing. After being poisoned, Nangong Qing was saved by the disabled king and opened another life.
Update to 5 episodes
2021 Chinese Drama M
Gao Leng abstinence male god "Li Xin" and technology eye otaku "anding" are a pair of friends who love each other and kill each other. A hangover triggered the super ability of "touching things and being human", which turned the items in Anding's home into living people. However, these "materialized people" with unique skills and eccentric personality can only appear for 24 hours at a time, Li Xin and anding fell into a series of strange and interesting but hidden crises. At the same time, they fell in love with the toilet paper girl Sabur. In order to get her favor, they had to carry out ironic competition, and the inexplicable darkness behind them was gradually attacking.
Update to 6 episodes