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2020 Comic 
Crazy McCarthy, formerly known as crazy stone, is a star parent-child educational adventure program. Crazy maccard focuses on the differentiation route, featuring puzzle answer, secret room breakthrough and parent-child interaction.
2017 Comic 
After experiencing various situations in the first and second seasons, the Wang Wang team led by Ryder is more and more brave! Captain Ryder received the task and the challenge of the new season began immediately! Help elves realize their wishes, go to the north pole to rescue baby polar bears, and help aliens repair spaceships. The Wangwang team can always complete its tasks well! What is more worth looking forward to is that in a rescue operation, a big eared dog tracker wisely and bravely helped the Wangwang team complete the task, and was invited to become a new member of the Wangwang team.
Full 26 episodes
2020 Comic 
The problem girl fantasizes about cohabiting and falling in love with the schizophrenic Doctor Li Yu. In her imaginary world, four boys with different personalities have emotional entanglements with themselves! From the sweetness of being close and apart at the beginning, to the tangle of being difficult to choose to swing left and right, to the emptiness of slowly revealing the truth at the end. In this relationship, one person has been fantasizing about love, while the other is just acting in cooperation for treatment. Can the two people distinguish the true and false of this relationship?
Full 16 episodes
2017 Comic 
After saving six puppies, Ryder, a 10-year-old boy proficient in science and technology, trained them into a group of highly skilled dog patrols. Each dog has a distinct character and has its own strengths. The spotted dog Marshall is good at first aid in fire; Rule, a bulldog, is proficient in construction machinery; Shepherd chase is a super agent; Half breed rocky is a maintenance expert; Zuma Labrador is most familiar with water rescue; Skye, the cockapo dog, has mastered various aviation technologies. With so many problem-solving abilities, coupled with the cool equipment support provided by Ryder, no matter how difficult and dangerous rescue tasks they encounter, they always forget to play with each other and create a relaxed atmosphere. Each time, humorous and optimistic dogs can always successfully complete the task.

2019 Comic 
It tells the story of the young girl Qiao Kexing entering the world-class idol school - FeiMeng college, forming a combination with her teammates song Shiyu and Yang songer, Meredith, training together, experiencing tests, growing together, and finally realizing her dream. After all kinds of difficulties, such as hard physical fitness test, frequent unexpected advertising shooting, competitive final selection test and so on, melody gradually grew into an idol group that can be alone, and officially set out to the real idol.
Full 26 episodes
2019 Comic 
What is blue, sweet and soft? The answer is fat cat ogie. If the three annoying cockroaches Joey, didi and March didn't make a home under his eyes, Auggie must be a carefree cat in the world: but these stupid cockroaches who like to do bad just don't want Auggie to live a comfortable life. The cartoon has a compact rhythm, powerful content and is very funny... This is a story about fat cat fighting the top three.
Update to episode 22
1991 Comic 
Yu Ding  Fan Jie  Dai Xin  Zhu Sha  Tan Peng  Zhai Wei 
The gourd brothers turned into seven mountain peaks and subdued the snake spirit and scorpion spirit. In order to avenge her sister, the younger sister green snake spirit led the demons to dig more than the mountain, and launched another life and death struggle with the gourd brothers.
Full 6 episodes
2014 Comic 
The return of the cat and the mouse is still an enemy and friend relationship. They usually attack each other and are lively, but they will work together in the face of crisis.
Full 26 episodes
2021 Comic T
I think I'm a big man in the immortal world. I can't be heroic and addicted to beauty in a mere female world! See how I turn my hands over the clouds and cover my hands with rain to break a sky in the world of women!
Full episode 1
2021 Comic 
Zi Chen  Lai Lai 
Why did you show up in the well at the beginning? What the hell is this? CCC! I can't climb up, but I came to a new world. Unexpectedly, I'm still the little daughter-in-law of the heir of the handsome house?
Update to 38 episodes
2021 Comic M
Ten years ago, Yue bin, the descendant of the seven shaped gate, was strangled off his right hand in a boxing match. From then on, he said goodbye to boxing EEE. Yue bin, who is down and out, can only muddle through. After receiving the notice of childhood engagement banquet, Yue bin was seriously injured in order to save Zhong Ling. Zhong Ling was shot dead by a mysterious masked man. With anger and reluctance, Yue bin was reborn. How will Yue bin choose this life?
Update to episode 7

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