The Golden Music inspirational review program "2021 China's good voice" returns again. On the tenth anniversary, it opens a new "44" mentor model, which is an innovation in the tenth year of "good vo[Expand All]

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2021 Variety T
A lineup of immortals who can represent the Chinese pop music world, a list of Chinese Golden songs that can be sung by the whole people, an extreme outdoor life scene of beautiful rivers and mountains, and a heart wandering reality show yearning for the quality of life.
Updated to 2021-10-22
2019 Variety 3
The first TV in-depth interview program for inheritors of traditional Chinese medicine in China, "36.7 ℃ listen. Inheritors say AAA". The program scene is a traditional Chinese guest room and traditional Chinese medicine shop. The host Zhou Jin is in charge of the "sanluqitang" and carries the "sanluqitang" In the program, the chief shopkeeper Cao Xiong and the chief housekeeper Wang Peter talked about the great medical anecdotes in the field of traditional Chinese medicine from ancient to modern times, and talked about the amazing medical cases unheard of all over the world.
Updated to 2021-08-27
2017 Variety 
The "come on, children" column of the literary and artistic program channel is a large-scale interactive and inspirational variety program designed to build a stage for people's talents to realize their dreams and serve Beijing People's literary and artistic life. Here is the stage for talented people to burn their passion. Here is the help and companion to success. Because with dreams, the stars are the brightest tonight.
Updated to December 20, 2019
2021 Variety 
At seven o'clock every day, do some variety shows AAA!
Updated to 2021-08-30
2012 Variety N
"New and old aunt" is the first mediation talk show in China, which is jointly produced by new entertainment and Shanghai Judicial Bureau EEE. With the purpose of mediating people's disputes and building a harmonious society, the program imperceptibly publicizes national policies and regulations in the form loved by the people, which has been widely welcomed by the audience.
Updated to 2021-08-30
2021 Variety A
The unpredictable lover is a member derivative program of goodbye lover. In each episode of the program, the guests in the observation room are tortured about "love topic" to show the guests' views on love and marriage AAA.
Phase 2021-08-18
2021 Variety S
What does your love bean look like? What do you want to ask AIDU most? "Sweet mission" takes you into love beans to understand their different CCC.
Phase 2021-08-15
2021 Variety 
Goodbye to love is a marriage documentary created by mango TV EEE. Three couples facing emotional crisis took two RV to start an 18 day trip. In different emotional stages, they set out with complaints, grievances or regrets. Can they find their own answers in the journey?
Phase 2021-08-26
2019 Variety 
Magazine world focuses its audience on the white-collar people who live a busy life in the city. These people have the characteristics of seeking change, do not have a lot of time to read, and are experiencing growth and change, so as to meet their needs for a large amount of information such as political, economic, social news and popular information CCC.
Updated to December 31, 2019
2015 Variety R
Li Chen  Ma Su  Song Jia  Chen Jon  Zhang Huiwen  
"Run brothers Season 3" starts at 21:10 p.m. every Friday from October 30, Zhejiang satellite TV starts running wholeheartedly! "Run brothers Season 3" is a large-scale outdoor competitive reality show introduced by Zhejiang satellite TV into the variety show "running man" of SBS TV station in South Korea. It is produced CCC by Zhejiang satellite TV program center. From October 30, 2015, the fourth season of China's good voice will be broadcast at 21:10 every Friday. The seven regular hosts of the third season program are Deng Chao, angelababy (Yang Ying), Li Chen, Chen he, Zheng Kai, Wang Zulan and Lu Han. In the second quarter, regular host Bao bell withdrew due to schedule reasons, and Lu Han joined.
Updated to 2016-02-11
2021 Variety L
"Visiting together" is an experiential documentary program on artist life produced by Tencent News Lichun studio. The program team went deep into the scene and presented an unknown behind the scenes story.
Updated to 2021-10-15
2018 Variety H
A large-scale health preservation program invites an authoritative expert to ask CCC on-site about hot issues of health preservation. The program set solves the puzzle of health preservation and popularizes scientific knowledge, and serves the people wholeheartedly.
Updated to 2021-08-30
2021 Variety 
The Jianghu is full of blood. How can we go without a leader? How did he grow from a disciple to a shopkeeper? How to change from a little white eater to an adult eater? Follow us, eat all over China, let him turn over rivers and seas, we tread the waves and EEE!
Updated to 2021-05-28
2021 Variety 

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